Eaton Club Meeting Rooms

Eaton Club offers versatile and well-equipped meeting rooms at our Central, Wan Chai, and Kowloon locations for businesses of all scales to rent. These meeting rooms are designed to stimulate creativity, foster connections, and enhance productivity.


We offer well-equipped meeting rooms that stimulate creativity and foster connections, all available for booking across all of our Eaton Club locations, professionals can find our versatile meeting rooms suitable for team meetings, boardrooms, or video conferences. These rooms are equipped with professional A/V equipment, high-speed WiFi, and comfortable furnishings, providing a conducive environment for productive discussions and relaxation.

Convenient Location

Professional Atmosphere

Flexible Booking

Meeting Rooms

Book a Meeting Room at Our Central Centre

  • Level 5 & 10, Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central

Eaton Club Central provides stylish and versatile meeting rooms in the heart of Central Hong Kong. Our well-equipped spaces are designed to inspire creativity and productivity, with professional AV equipment, high-speed WiFi, and comfortable furnishings. Experience business productivity like never before at Eaton Club Central's meeting rooms.

Book a Meeting Room at Our Wan Chai Centre

  • Level 3 Great Eagle Centre, Harbour Road

Eaton Club Wan Chai offers meeting rooms that are designed to facilitate productivity and collaboration. With top-quality audiovisual equipment, high-speed WiFi, and efficient IT support, Eaton Club Wan Chai is perfect for hosting successful business meetings, presentations, and team-building events.

Book a Meeting Room at Our Kowloon Centre

  • Level 48 Langham Place Office Tower

Eaton Club Kowloon presents to you meeting rooms that provide optimal efficiency for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and video conference calls. With premium A/V equipment, seamless connectivity, and comfortable furnishings, our meeting rooms ensure a motivating environment for clients, guests, and team members.


High-Speed WiFi Connectivity
Sound and Visual Systems
Conference Calling Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What are virtual offices?

A virtual office is a rental service that enables businesses to have a professional presence without a physical office space. With a virtual office, you can have a prestigious business address, often located in a prime location, which enhances your company's image and credibility. Mail and package handling services are provided, with options for mail forwarding or storage.

Additionally, virtual offices offer administrative support, including call answering and secretarial services. They enable businesses to operate remotely, providing the flexibility to work from anywhere while still maintaining a professional appearance and access to essential business services.

What are coworking spaces?

What benefits does Eaton Club offer?

Where are your locations?

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