How and Where to Book a Meeting Room in Hong Kong

Dec 2023

Big companies, small startups, and entrepreneurs alike will all find themselves needing a meeting room at some point or another, whether it is for a presentation, business call, interview, or even a team-building exercise. There are luckily a range of meeting rooms available for rent in Hong Kong, however it is crucial to decide on the type of room you need before booking, as different types of events will necessitate different factors.

It is important to book the right meeting room for your exact needs, as booking the wrong one could lead to a disastrous experience for both you and your guests, negatively impacting your business and its professionalism. In this guide, Eaton Club will provide tips and advice on how to secure the best meeting room for your requirements, from size and facilities to where and how to make these bookings.

Meeting Room Essentials: What to Look for When Booking a Meeting Room

Before booking a meeting room, you need to consider a variety of elements to ensure you pick the best space for your event’s purpose. These include:

Size and capacity

Not having enough space for all your guests or planned activities will definitely impact your event, and not in a good way. Make sure you confirm how many guests will be in attendance and what kind of setup is needed. Do you need auditorium-style seating or a conference table? Do you need a mix of standing and seated options, or do you want to push all the tables back so your group has more floor space to mingle and move around in?

Make sure to select a meeting room that can hold your expected amount of guests and that can adapt to the configurations you need for your event. The provider will most likely give you the room’s capacity, giving you an accurate idea of how many people can fit within the area, and may also offer seating plan options for your perusal.

Equipment and technology

As a rule of thumb, you should always double-check exactly what equipment comes with your meeting room. If you are simply in need of an empty space or a room with chairs, this might not be so important for you. However, if you are planning a meeting that involves a PowerPoint, presentation, interactive elements, or a video call, you need to ensure the provider has the necessary equipment and technology.

Have a list ready of all the equipment you will be needing for your event, so you can easily cross-check with the meeting room provider. This might include speedy WiFi, a projector or screen display, cables and adapters for your laptop device, microphones, whiteboards and markers, notepads and pens, speakers, webcams, power sockets, and so on. Knowing your meeting room is readily equipped with all the things you need will alleviate stress leading up to the event, and allow you to focus on other aspects of planning.

Amenities and services

Some meeting room providers have value-added services, such as IT support, catering, beverages, and receptionists who can lead your guests into the room. Consider the time of your meeting – if it is very early in the morning, you may want to incorporate coffee and breakfast items. If your meeting is running for more than a couple of hours, you will most likely need to have snacks and drinks to keep your guests going throughout the event.

If your meeting involves using certain equipment and technology, such as for a video conference or audio-visual presentation, it would be prudent to check the meeting room provider has a dedicated technician or IT support. Make sure they can come in early to help you get set up, and to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the event.

Accessibility and convenience

Location can be key to choosing the perfect meeting room space, as nobody wants to travel far and wide during the day, or risk getting lost if the address is difficult to find. You should have an idea of where your guests may be travelling from in the city, and try to pick a location that is convenient for everyone to get to. Renting a meeting room that is easily accessible by MTR, bus, or taxi is the best way to go. If you know some of your guests might arrive by car, you should find a space that has on-site or nearby parking.

Pricing and budget

Have a budget in mind before you start looking for your meeting room rental. If you are hosting a bigger event, you can typically expect to pay more than if you were planning a smaller meeting. You should also keep in mind that the longer the meeting is, the more you will have to pay, as meeting rooms are usually priced on an hourly basis. Meeting rooms that are in more central business districts might also be priced a bit higher, for the level of convenience they offer – however, this is worth factoring into your budget as guests will appreciate the ease of getting there, and could also mean your meeting will be held in a more prestigious location.

Selecting the Right Location: Best Areas to Rent a Meeting Room in Hong Kong

As mentioned in previous sections above, choosing the right location for your meeting room could make or break your guests’ overall impression of the event. If your meeting is located in a place that is difficult to get to or inconvenient to find, they might arrive late or in a bad mood, affecting their experience from the beginning.

The right location also matters in terms of exterior – meeting rooms that are found in Hong Kong’s commercial and business centres will give off an air of authority and professionalism. Some of the best areas to rent a meeting room in Hong Kong include Central, Wan Chai, and Kowloon, based on their unparalleled convenience and vibrant atmospheres.

Eaton Club’s Meeting Rooms

The variety of premium meeting rooms available for rent at Eaton Club will ensure meetings and events of any nature can take place with great success. Located in the city’s most convenient and sought-after districts, these spacious, beautifully furnished, and well-equipped meeting rooms will leave a memorable impression on all your guests.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Book a Meeting Room in Hong Kong with Eaton Club

Now you can get to booking your ideal meeting room in Hong Kong. Below is a simple guide for how to book with Eaton Club:

1. Visit Eaton Club’s contact form
2. Fill out your necessary details
3. Select ‘Service Type – Meeting Room’ from the dropdown menu
4. Leave details about your meeting or event in the ‘Message’ box, such as certain requirements, number of guests, and facilities needed
5. Choose the location or locations you are interested in (Central, Kowloon, Wan Chai)
6. Submit your form
7. A flexible workspace expert will respond to your query as soon as possible to find the best meeting room for your needs


Booking a meeting room in Hong Kong may seem like it requires a lot of time and effort to find the best one, however having a clear idea in mind of your absolute necessities and logistics will lessen this stress immensely. Once you have ironed out the details, you can get started contacting your meeting room provider.

Eaton Club provides a range of versatile and high-quality meeting rooms fit for any type of event, based in accessible locations and supported by professional IT and receptionist staff. Simply fill out our contact form today and get ready to find your perfect meeting space.

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