Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Event Venue in Hong Kong

Dec 2023

Hosting a successful corporate event relies on countless factors and details, all of which can make or break your event. You want to engage and impress your attendees from the moment they step in the door straight through to the end – and choosing the right venue is essential to make this happen.


In bustling Hong Kong, it may be challenging to sort through the endless choices to pinpoint the perfect event space for your needs. To relieve the stress of the search, we have rounded up the top 5 tips for choosing the right venue for your corporate event. They indicate the key elements you should consider during your event planning journey – once you find a space that ticks all your boxes, you can be confident in your choice of venue rental! Let’s dive in to find an event space rental in Hong Kong that not only meets your needs but exceeds your most ambitious expectations, sure to wow every one of your guests.

1. Type of Event

First and foremost, consider the character of your event. Are you orchestrating a dynamic networking event to foster new business relationships or convening a strategic boardroom meeting with top-level executives?


The ambiance and functionality of the venue will play pivotal roles in shaping the type of event you have in mind. Make sure you understand the event’s core objectives and match them with the right environment. Below are some popular types of corporate events with tips on how to choose the best corresponding venue.


Formal Events

Formal events are reflections of your company’s stature, professionalism, and values. The chosen venue should exude prestige and decorum, impressing your guests in an instant. Make sure to select a place that is sleek, refined, and chic, with elegant designs and good lighting. Beyond mere aesthetics, you can consider the historical or business significance of venues. Iconic locations can amplify the event’s gravitas.

Informal Events

Events that are more casual thrive on camaraderie and chit-chat. This venue should feel less structured and more organic, enabling all parties to effortlessly flow and move through the space. Creative spaces, art galleries, or venues with terraces can foster a relaxed ambiance. Natural lighting and flexible seating arrangements are key.


Networking Events

The main goal of a networking event is to spark conversations and connections. As such, this venue must facilitate these interactions organically. An open venue with breakout spaces or multiple seating options, such as bar stools and lounge areas, will be ideal to allow various group sizes to engage with one another in an unforced fashion.

Training Events

Training events, by nature, demand concentration, making the environment crucial. Distractions should be minimal and facilities should be optimized for learning, such as presentation screens, sound systems, and comfortable desk and seating arrangements. Venues having soundproof walls, stationery, projection screens, whiteboards, and flip charts are best for these types of events, ensuring maximum focus and productivity.


2. Location

Choosing the right location for your event can significantly influence attendance. It is also a practical representation of how much you value your attendee’s time and effort. Nobody will want to go out of their way for an event, especially if it is being run during work hours.


In Hong Kong, with its efficient public transport options, consider the proximity of your event space rental to MTR stations, major bus routes, or taxi ranks. If you are targeting top-tier executives, a venue with car parking or even valet services might be appropriate. You can also consider the surrounding amenities for pre or post-event scenarios – for example, are there dining spots or cafes for attendees to easily access to continue their day or evening?


3. Size and Number of Guests

The size of the venue and the anticipated number of attendees are essential event planning considerations. Choosing a space that is too large can make an event feel under-attended and awkward, whilst a cramped venue could lead to discomfort and limited mobility. The right size venue will cultivate a good atmosphere whilst optimizing engagement and facilitating a seamless corporate event experience.


You should always check the layout of the venue to guarantee optimal visibility and accessibility for your event’s purpose, such as for presentations, displays, or networking opportunities. Ensure that your guest-to-space ratio is on point – your attendees should be sitting at optimal viewing distance from any presentation screens or stages, not too close or too far, and they should have enough room to comfortably move around in, whilst not feeling like the room is too desolate. If your event is seated, ensure that the venue can accommodateyour specified seating arrangements.


4. Budget

One of the main factors of any event planning expenditure is the budget. Finances undeniably play a crucial role in dictating the parameters of an event, meaning you need to outline all anticipated costs to ensure your event space rental in Hong Kong can accommodate your needs without breaking the bank.


A lavish venue need not cost you millions of dollars. There are many impressive spaces that can be adapted to form the event you have in mind, all at an affordable cost. Think about how you can cleverly utilize a space that fits your budget rather than trying to find somewhere that may seem more impressive but is too expensive. You should also pay attention to what is and is not included in your venue rental package, such as audiovisual equipment, catering, or overtime fees. Careful planning and consideration of all of these factors will ensure that you do not go over budget and can still give your guests a fantastic, memorable experience.


5. Amenities and Facilities

Lastly, think about the amenities and facilities necessary to make your event run smoothly and successfully. Basic utilities like clean restrooms, accessible entrances and exits, and speedy Wi-Fi should be non-negotiable. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, other amenities will likely need to be considered.


For corporate presentations, check the quality of the projection systems, microphones, and other AV equipment. You can also check if the event venue provider has IT support on-site in the case of technical difficulties or simply to assist with set-up. Workshops and training sessions will benefit greatly from whiteboards, markets, and stationery. If your event is running for more than a couple of hours, you should see if catering options and refreshments are available so that your guests do not go hungry. You should also factor in the unexpected – backup laptops, additional seating options, or even first-aid facilities can make a difference when unforeseen challenges arise.


Your Ideal Event Space in Hong Kong Awaits!

Selecting the perfect corporate event space in Hong Kong is more than a logistical decision; it is a thoughtful endeavor deeply interwoven with the prospective success of the event and the overall satisfaction of the attendees. The myriad elements that contribute to your ideal event venue rental are manifold. From understanding the nature of your event to being meticulous about size, budget, and amenities, each factor plays an important role.


Given these intricacies, it is vital to partner with an event space provider that understands and meets these needs effortlessly. This is where Eaton Club excels, offering unparalleled service and facilities tailored for remarkable corporate events. Our flexible event venues in our Central and Kowloon locations are set to impress, fully equipped to bring any of your ideas to life. From cocktail receptions to town hall meetings, our capacious venues can accommodate the event of your dreams, whilst being strategically located within convenient areas in Hong Kong. Contact us today to find out how we can facilitate your next corporate event.

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