Event Location Matters! Why Picking The Right Event Venue Will Improve Your Event Attendance

Location. Location. Location. It is a huge part of the event planning stage and it is more important to the sustainability of your event than you may think. Stepping into the shoes of your guests will help you to choose the ideal event location, and avoid it from being a reason not to attend your event.

Event locations need to be attractive to stand out from the crowd. It can contribute to making your event a raging success or a potential flop. Nonetheless, this has become a balancing act, because these days guests want a location that is both attractive and practically accessible. However, sometimes finding that sweet spot that satisfies both of these aspects can be a challenge for event planners. Here are three major elements contributing to event location that you should consider before booking your next event venue:


Transport has to be an easy process for your guests because let’s face it, nobody wants to have to spend an hour or two travelling to an event. Transport that is easily accessible and convenient will help guests arrive with ease and prevent them from being late, getting lost and from not showing up at all. For a local event, consider hosting your event in a location that is a reasonable distance from your guests’ homes or offices. If you are hosting a larger event, choose a location with a great transport system, it will be more practical for ‘out-of-towners’ and increase the likelihood of their attendance. Logistics is key and limiting the hassle involved in attending your event will help improve the chances of success.


If there are a substantial amount of guests attending your event, you can use that to your advantage. Get in contact with a hotel that is within close proximity of your event location, and see if it is possible to receive some great discounts for guests that choose to stay at that particular hotel. It will make the thought of attending your event more appealing if you have already planned for accommodation for your guests.


Hosting an event in a location with unique attractions? Utilize them and make them unique event selling points! Doing so can add value to your event, increase enthusiasm and will also give guests something to do while in the area. They have come all this way so, make use of local attractions to fill up their mornings and afternoons, and can give them the opportunity to make a weekend or mini holiday out of attending your event. It’s a win-win!

Ultimately, guests want to feel that they are getting the most from their investment of time and money. As an event planner, choosing an event location that is easily accessible and convenient will make your event more appealing to guests, and as a result, it will improve the attendance rate of your event. Think about it, if you were attending an event, either locally or out-of-town, what would entice you into attending? Or on the other hand, is there anything that you would see as an obstacle in attending an event? These simple aspects are going to influence whether a guest attends your event or not.

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