If you are on the lookout for a new office space to use as a meeting room, boardroom, conference room or seminar room, Eaton Club has private office suites that will surely revolutionize the way you do business and work with your team.

Eaton Club offers premium office spaces for business and events. We offer upscale interior design and efficient office layouts that are designed to inspire, motivate and connect.

Eaton Club’s 15,000 sq. ft. Social Work Club offers various workspace options – co-working, dedicated desk, or private office suites that can be used for meetings and seminars of any nature. The lounge at Eaton Club also allows for casual coffee meetings or catch-up TGIF (Thank God, It’s Friday) sessions with your team over pizza and beer to mark the end of a long week. Spacious but versatile, our workspaces and boardrooms can be used for any occasion and can house a large number of workers and guests!

For other private meetings, there are 2 boardrooms and 2 meeting rooms which fit up to 14 guests and 6 guests respectively.  All of our meeting rooms and boardrooms are equipped with glass whiteboard, HDTV, as well as, HDMI connection from laptop to HDTVs for professional presentations that will surely wow your clients.

Click here to view our gallery to see how our conference rooms can change the way you communicate and work with your team. We guarantee quality office spaces that feel just like home!

Revolutionize with Eaton Club today.

Take yourself outside of the traditional office and discover a new way of living and working when you do business and host events at our spacious and lush seminar rooms. Look forward to coming to work with the newest office layout designed specially to stimulate creative thinking. Your work-life integration journey starts here. Contact us today to discover what’s best for you. 

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