Nowadays, the tradition of having a fixed office space for businesses is slowly disappearing, especially for startups and SMEs with a limited number of employees. Instead, more and more work clubs and co-working spaces are appearing, particularly in Hong Kong.


What Makes a Work Club?

Say you and your friends have a brilliant idea, creative project, or manuscript for the next best seller, but you have nowhere to work. Work clubs and co-working spaces can solve this problem. Work clubs and co-working spaces are large offices shared by individuals from different backgrounds with the same goal: starting or growing their businesses. Usually, work clubs are furnished with numerous tables, chairs and laid back furniture and provide F&B services such as coffee bar and liquor bar for members. Work clubs can also act as a conference venue for startups to pitch their ideas to investors and offer knowledge enhancement programs such as seminars on industry related topics.


Who Goes to a Work Club?

There are certain groups of individuals that you can find at work clubs and co-working spaces. Work clubs are popular amongst entrepreneurs and startups, with some specifically designed for unique fields, such as coding, design, or financial tech. There are also a large number of entrepreneurs from overseas who stop by work clubs around the world for short periods of time during their travels.


This section compares an office vs work club rather than working from home vs work club?

Work clubs are more than just a space where you bring your laptop; it’s where individuals and businesses share ideas and bring inspiration to their peers. Most work clubs in Hong Kong host various events including idea pitching, sharing sessions, seminars, and more. Unlike a traditional office, work clubs provide a platform for entrepreneurs to communicate and share their experiences. Thus, a work club is more of a community than an office.


How do I join a Work Club?

Membership at most work clubs can be obtained through a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription. Eaton Club Hong Kong offers monthly, semi-annual, or yearly subscriptions while integrating work-life elements such as the option for subscribers to hold events, dine at the onsite restaurant, or have an after-work cocktail at our bar.


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