Co-working spaces are popping up all over Hong Kong and across the globe. As of October 2016, there were 13,800 co-working spaces, with their total membership count exceeding one million. These spaces are increasingly filled not just by freelancers and entrepreneurs, but by more and more established companies and their employees. But what is so appealing about co-working space rental that it can attract members away from traditional work places?


You sit under the harsh glow of phosphorescent lighting in your cramped cubicle that is sandwiched between two identical 6’ by 6’ spaces occupied by people with the exact same role as you. In a traditional office, this depressing scenario is all too common.

The open layout and diversity of colleagues you can work alongside with can liberate you from the sameness of the cubicle. Every day brings opportunities to freely interact with and learn from professionals of different backgrounds, disciplines, and experience levels.  A real estate investor can meet a social media marketer who will show how to use Facebook groups to find more investment properties. An online retailer can learn from a data analyst how to use public information to find untapped customer segments. The possibilities for exchange are endless.

And you’ll not only learn from these exchanges, you’ll also make contacts that can become future clients, customers, or collaborators. This kind of professional diversity can only be found in a co-working space.



Another benefit to co-working spaces is the high level of flexibility they provide to members. Whether as a freelancer or employee, members have the freedom to choose when, where, and how they work.

Many co-working spaces, including Eaton Club, provide office access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can choose to work whenever suits your schedule or whenever you feel the most productive. Not a morning person? No problem! Enjoy taking off Wednesdays to volunteer at a local animal shelter? Go for it! Having flexible hours means you can live life on your own schedule, not your office’s.

Co-working also offers flexibility in choosing your workspace. On days where you’re feeling social, you can work in a communal area. If you’re in need of focus, you can switch to a quiet spot. Choosing where you work gives you control over your environment, which is a large contributor to productivity.



Of all the reasons to choose a co-working space, over 70% of members chose “community” as the most important. Humans are social creatures, and our need for community and interaction doesn’t just begin when we clock out for the day. With a co-working space rental, you’re in an environment that provides community and social support, elements that are critical for happiness in the workplace.

And workplace happiness isn’t just about feeling good, it also helps you get more done. Happy employees are at least 12% more productive. Co-working spaces provide the sense of community that makes happy efficiency easy to achieve.


Co-working at Eaton Club

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that co-working spaces are projected to keep growing in the future. At Eaton Club, we’re excited to be part of the growing co-working movement, and we’re proud to provide quality co-working space rentals that will contribute to the happiness and productivity of professionals in Hong Kong.

Additionally, we also offer lifestyle events for members. Every Monday, Eaton Club provides complimentary coffee for our members to help kick start their week; each cup is freshly brewed by our in-house barista! To celebrate the end of a productive work week, every Friday, we offer live music and amazing drinks!