Hit The Ground Running | Hong Kong’s Sports and Leisure Expo is Here

One ticket, two fairs. The new phrase you’ll be hearing this July as the Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo and Hong Kong Book Fair comes to town. It seems to be the month of trade shows and with Summer here, it is the perfect time to use this hype as inspiration to hold your own trade event.

What is all the hype about? The Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo is a five-day event held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It will be held concurrently with the Hong Kong Book Fair and have six zones to explore: Outdoor Adventure, Sports Hub, Health and Fitness, Photography World, Fun and Play, and Handicraft Market. But, we can’t forget that there will be more than 120 brand services and over 90 products showcased by exhibitors from Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, and Korea. If you can’t get to the expo, use these expo-inspired event ideas to host your own:

Have an Event Speaker
The expo will have opportunities for attendees to listen to elite athletes and other influential speakers. Also, referred to as, ‘sharing sessions with celebrities’. Incorporate this into your own event and invite an expert or key opinion leader (KOL) from your industry as a keynote speaker. This will create excitement for your event and engage guests. Have a speaker that will be the talk of the town and benefit your guests by providing insights into something new or trending in your industry. It will be sure to add value and credibility to your event.

Event-only Gifts and Giveaways
Gifts that are customized and exclusive through event attendance will give your event an exclusive feel. If your event isn’t suited for this, think about having other types of giveaways like lucky draws, raffles, or even a contest beforehand, where winners are announced and prizes are given out at the event. You know, that feeling of hope, uncertainty, and excitement all-in-one when you are holding that little paper ticket in your hand, hoping that your ticket will be the one that is called? The atmosphere builds and creates a buzz like no other around the room. Create that for your guests! It will also be a great chance to put the spotlight on your them and get them involved.

Product Launch
Have a unique or new product to showcase and introduce to the world? Have your own mini-expo for a product launch event. Making your product a big deal will have a flow-on effect on your guests. If you highlight your product as significant, guests will be sure to feel the same way. It is a great way to give guests the opportunity to sample your product and be the first to get a taste of the ‘next big thing’. Focus your efforts on the early adopters within your industry. They will thrive off of the fact that they are the first ones to witness or have their hands on the newest thing within their industry. Be sure to provide product samples, trials and experiential opportunities for people to interact with your product.

Incorporate Activities
With over 40 on-site activities and workshops happening at the Sports and Leisure Expo, there is no shortage of entertainment no matter what age you are. Everything from rock climbing to shuffleboard, fashion shows to magic performances. They have got all bases covered, and it adds value and excitement to their event. Take note and use activities to your advantage! You might not have the resources to install a rock climbing wall, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have activities that are just as good. Try photo booths with fun props, arts and crafts stations, karaoke or cartoon artists.

Are you inspired to have your own trade event with a little bit of expo flair? Enquire today about how Eaton Club can help make all your expo dreams come true.