Whether you’re interested in launching a new product or service, finding new clients, or just building your professional network, a well-planned event could be just the thing your business needs. As an event venue, we’ve hosted enough events to see what separates the best from the rest. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your next event.

#1 Set goals

So you’ve decided you’re ready to put on an event. You’re dreaming of a packed venue, enthusiastic attendees, and the surge of new business that will follow. To help make these dreams a reality, set goals for your event that are SMART–specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound.

Instead of setting a goal “to hold an event that brings in more business,” set a SMART goal, such as “host a conference on August 27 on the future of fintech that sells 250 reserved seats and brings in 10 qualified leads.” You can even break this large goal down into smaller details like booking speakers, designing flyers, or hiring a caterer.

#2 Know your audience

For an event to really be successful, you need the right crowd. If your real estate investment seminar is packed with cash-strapped fresh graduates, you and your audience aren’t going to get much out of the event.

So before you plan every little detail of your next event, make sure you understand your target audience and how to best engage the people in it. A great place to start is secondary research. Websites like Quora and Reddit have dedicated subpages for almost every niche imaginable. Look through the comments to get a feel for who your audience is and find the common questions or complaints they have. If your event can effectively address the unique needs of your attendees, you’ll have a much more engaged audience.

Don’t neglect to do some offline research, as well. Talking with someone in your target audience can not only help you better prepare for your event, they may also end up participating in your event as an attendee or a presenter.

#3 Choose the right venue

Location is everything, and events are no exception to this rule. Hosting your event in a centrally-located venue means that it’s accessible to a greater number of attendees. That’s why Eaton Club is located in the heart of Hong Kong’s commercial district.

In addition to having the right location, a great event venue should fit the requirements of your event. If your event will have a keynote speaker, you’ll need a stage and a sound system. If your event will serve refreshments, make sure to choose a location that offers this option.

At Eaton Club, we offer event hosting with great F&B service, two stages with onsite sound and projection, and fantastic ambiance. We understand event management can be challenging, so let our experienced staff make it easy for your next event to be a success. Contact us here to learn how Eaton Club can help you host your next event.