Event Theme: 3 Impacts of Event Decor That Can Make or Break Your Event

Event planners are restricted more than ever. In a time where there are shrinking budgets and shorter lead times, pulling off a tasteful, elegant, and memorable event is becoming an art form. From music to lighting, color to layout, sometimes it is the small details that have a large and significant impact on your event. Have you ever wanted to walk out of an event within the first few minutes of arriving? Why? Was it the atmosphere, how it made you feel, or the fact that it didn’t feel worthy of your time? As an event planner, you can draw inspiration from those not so fond experiences into inspiration and take your event to the next level.


Every element that surrounds you has a purpose. We are people with many sensory capabilities, so why not engage the senses with visuals, music, textures and aromas? Be aesthetically pleasing. Strive to be creative and add personal touches to your event’s atmosphere through utilizing the versatile elements of decor, such as:

  • Color
  • Displays
  • Space
  • Music
  • Lighting
  • Flowers

Use all of these elements to your advantage and customize your event theme to create an environment, in which guests feel comfortable, able interact with each other, and enjoy themselves. Remember, the difference between a “this is awesome I got to bring my friends” and an “I’ll skip this next time” event, could come down to something as simple as music.


Event decor is a strategic technique used to frame emotion and attract a desired emotional response from guests. Take the time to consider the psychology of color, and the types of emotions you want the guests to feel whilst attending your event. For instance, if you want to evoke a sense of passion and love you may choose to use the color red. On the other hand, if you are striving for a sense of loyalty and trust, this can be signified with a blue color scheme. Whether you consider it or not, the event is going to make your guest feel something – positive or negative. Start by thinking about what color is best going to highlight the purpose of the event? What about your brand/business attributes? Now, does that color reflect the mood that you want to be felt by your guests? If not, re-evaluate the color scheme, and experiment.

Event Significance / Importance:

You are told to represent power and elegance at your event. Which color do you choose? Blue? White? Orange? No. You lean toward black, right? There’s just something about it that screams sophistication. To think that aesthetic, one as simple as color, can help to underscore your event’s significance is nerve-racking.
Now, let’s take a look at another aspect: the event entrance. A reduced budget doesn’t mean that your event’s significance is also reduced. Maybe, you had plans for guests to enter through a grand archway, but now you have to settle for signs beautifully done using calligraphy or a pathway lit by candles. These layout designs are both just as elegant. A candle-lit pathway is as equally effective at portraying importance. Additionally, it will make your event stand out, whilst not breaking the bank. If you take the time to utilize and execute decor to the best of your budget and ability, you can use it to your advantage. Show how ‘powerful’ you are with the right style, class and decor. These will represent sophistication and the importance of your event. A well organized, structured event theme will also make guests feel special and keep your guests coming back for more.

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