Event Entertainment | 6 Tips for Choosing The Right Band For Your Event

Whether it’s dancing to the beat or rocking to the rhythm. Dance your way to the top with music as your partner. Music becomes the life of the party as excitement fills the room, people dancing everything from waltz to the robot. Picking the right band to be a part of your event will make it memorable for all the right reasons. But, the decision is going to take a bit more than just picking one of your favourite bands out of a hat. Dance the night away with these six tips to make sure you are choosing the right band for your event:

#1 Event Theme

Your music and event theme should match each other stylistically so that guests can feel the connection between the two. Music should compliment and just as easily communicate your event theme to your guests. The question is, are you going to have a tune that solely fits with your theme or are you going to cater to everyone? Theming your music will hone your search and heighten your guests’ experience by making the event immersive and engaging. Plus, it can bring your theme to life.

#2 Audience
R&B, pop, jazz, classical, they are so many genres to choose from! In a heartbeat, you probably know exactly which one you would choose, but make sure not to put your music tastes before your guests. The band you choose doesn’t have to be the next hottest band to ‘wow’ your guests. Consider the demographics and size of your event audience? What are their preferences? Think about your theme, music and audience. Ideally, these should all work harmoniously with each other. A band that resonates with your guests will be fun, keep them happy, and is vital to your events’ success. For example, a younger audience will want to hear something more current and edgy than 80’s hits that would be suited to an older crowd.

#3 Know Your Budget
Do your research and set a budget. Be realistic with your budget and be sure not to compromise on quality or professionalism. Knowing your budget will be the best tool in your toolkit. Not only will you be able to pinpoint selected bands, but it can also save you some precious moolah in the long run. Your band should be able to work with your event needs and a set budget. Just remember they might have specific ways of managing their act, so be sure to discuss what the band can offer for their fee.

#4 Role of Music
What part will music play at your event? Will it be a focal point? Or will it be used to create a subtle atmosphere and backdrop? Don’t blow your budget on a big-name entertainer if your event is a sit-down dinner or drinks party. However, if the music is the ‘ice sculpture’ of your event, you are going to want to get someone that will ‘wow’ guests and make your event memorable.

#5 Know Your Potential Bands
Always do your research. Social media is at our fingertips, so use it and evaluate and assess whether the band meets specific requirements. Establish a rule of thumb, in which you go and see a potential band for your event play live. Check out their look and ask yourself, does it fit your event vibe? Are they good at interacting with the crowd?
Can’t make it to their gig? See if they have any videos, previous client lists or testimonials. Professional and reputable bands should be able to provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision. Narrow down your search by making direct contact with the potential candidates and ask questions. This is a great way to know if they are the right fit for you and your event.

#6 Sign a Detailed Contract
Make sure to have everything specifically set out in a contract: date, time, venue, deposit, who is responsible for what, etc. Most bands who are familiar with these types of gigs will already have a contract prepared. Specify details and add in your parts, right down to highlighting “must play” songs, and more importantly the “don’t play” ones.

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