How to choose your event organizer (who won’t ruin your event) in HK

When you kick start an event, it’s a big deal, it’s exciting, but it could also be overwhelming. The first thing you need to decide before an event is whether you are going to do all the event planning yourself or are you going to use a professional event organizer to help you out.

Employing the services of an event organizer doesn’t mean everything will go as planned though, things can still go wrong.

Imagine this: You’ve been at an event on your own for an hour, appetizers are unappetizing, and there’s nobody there to tell you what’s going to happen next, you think to yourself – who is the event organizer behind this disappointing event?

Let us give you a list of tips on how to select an event organizer who won’t ruin your event. Rest assured, you, your guests, sponsors, and your boss will be happy.

Choosing an event organizer is like choosing your wedding dress, go with your instinct.
Find some event organizers online and ask for info – List of Event Organizers in Hong Kong
Once you have it, arrange a time to sit down with them. The first meeting should always be free and it’s a good opportunity to walk through everything you need, to see if they are the right partner for you. Getting on with your event organizer is a real must. It’s like when you meet somebody you’d like to be friends with, you must have a connection with your organizer, if you don’t like them, or if you think that their organizing style isn’t like yours, then you might want to re-evaluate!
Once you decide which one is for you, you’ll have to get down to the practical details. Meetings need to be planned either face-to-face or over a phone. You could go through everything you like so the organizer can make suggestions and help you avoid any pitfalls that could happen at the event. They should also suggest some finishing off tips, and make your event stand out from the crowd.

Some people describe event managers as professionals with great attention to detail. Others suggest that they are people with nerve and confidence. They lead guests through their extensions: staff, coordinators, emcees, and venue partners. Yet in some events, you inevitably encounter that feeling of being lost, with no one there to tell you what is happening next. If they see your guests wandering and feeling a bit lost, they need to act. Planning also means being ready, and always making guests feel catered for.

Ultimately, a good event organizer should end up saving you more than what you are paying for their services. If you think about it, organizers have already done all the hard work for you, they have a network of services which they can recommend to you, they have already weeded out all the bad services, and should only offer you reliable service providers i.e. florists, caterers. Of course, if you already have a caterer you’d like to use, or flowers arrangements you favour, communicate with the planner! You can also seek for the best event service providers from service delivery platform like HelloToby.

A mighty event organizer without a smashing venue is like wine without cheese. Eaton club provides a premium venue for various events which fits different event purposes.

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