Advantages of setting up a virtual office over an office space/serviced office.

Are you planning to establish a professional corporate image for your startup? Don’t feel like sticking to a traditional business model? In today’s modern working environment, where flexibility is key, a range of working environments are offered in the market, from traditional office spaces, coworking spaces, serviced offices to virtual offices. If you are new to the business world and would not like to rent a physical office space, we have a suggestion for you.

A virtual office can deliver a more professional image than a physical office.

In recent years, virtual offices have become increasingly popular with startups and small businesses, as it includes physical business address and office-related services. You can simply skip all the tedious processes such as looking for an office space, hiring a secretary or receptionist, purchasing office furniture and setting up phone systems. Avoiding a long binding lease and save a lot of rental and office expenditure for the company.

It is an exceptional alternative for startups and SMEs where you can take advantage of all the benefits of a serviced/physical office but in a much smarter and cost-effective way.

Here are 5 ways a virtual office could benefit your business:

1. Profession Image

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Virtual offices are located in prime locations and business districts, with access to well-equipped meeting rooms and other office-related services, you are one step closer in delivering a professional corporate image and a pleasant impression to your clients.

2. Premium Service

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Enjoy a prestigious business address in one of our Class A office towers. Take advantage of having a professional to answer incoming calls for your business, reliable mail handling service, and access to trilingual secretarial and concierge services.

3. Cost Effective

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One of the largest financial issues for SMEs is affording leasing cost of an office space. A virtual office attains all the benefits of a serviced/physical office but in a much smarter and cost-effective way.

4. Nonexistent Commute

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No more commutes to the office on a daily basis with a virtual office. You can work from whatever location that suits you the best and free up more time for quality work.

5. Increased Flexibility

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You can enjoy hourly, daily, or monthly access to fully-furnished and equipped conference rooms, with professional office-related services, virtual offices creates a custom plan for your team and your colleagues.

Here at Eaton Club, we provide you and your team with exquisite hardware and software. Combined with our personalized services, success is just around the corner.